Power Leveling gw2

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Legendary Trinkets.
Conflux , Coalescense , Aurora , Vision , Transcendence

Legendary Backpack.
Ad Infinitum , PvP The Ascension , WvW Warbringer

Power Leveling 0-80 Lvl and Farm
Hero Points Farm , Crafting Each Proffesion 0-500 LvL , Mastery Unlock, Spirit Shard Farm , Skirmish Ticket Farm , Daily Fractal , Ascended Shards Farm

Legendary Armor Set PvE(Raid) , Set PvP , Set WvW Triumphant , Set WvW Mistforged

Skyscale or other Mounts

Map Completion 0-100%
Tyria , Heart of Thrones , Path of Fire

Generation 2 Legendaries Crafting

Astralaria , The Binding of Ipos , Chuka and Champawat , Claw of the Khan-Ur , Eureka , Exordium , Flames of War , The HMS Divinity , HOPE , Nevermore , Pharus , Sharur , The Shining Blade , Shooshadoo , Verdarach , Xiuquatl

Ascended Armor Crafting

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