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  • 29.01.2020 BY Randomname

    Very fast and cheap! 10/10 would buy again

  • 27.01.2020 BY arsenal

    Delivery took 3 minutes to complete I AM SHOCKED! A++++

  • 24.01.2020 BY Mike W.

    I couldn't find nothin' on these guys so I was skeptical at first but their service was awesome! All their staff was busy at first but they sent an email to me pretty darn quick. The second time I got ahold of someone right away. Delivery was lightning fast, will definitely buy from them again!

  • 20.01.2020 BY Micah

    First things first, this is actually a pretty legit gold selling site. Personally, I took the risk and I'm surprised by how fast they are, I've purchased both items and gold and I'm still not banned. Much more worth than purchasing gems from the gem store in game.

  • 18.01.2020 BY Joseph G.

    Thanks for the service

  • 15.01.2020 BY Sasha

    awesome! really fast delivety

  • 11.01.2020 BY Phantom

    Real nice service.

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