• 12 JAN

    Guide for all the necessary achievements to obtain meta-achievement Adept Toymaker.

    Meta-achievement - Adept Toymaker

    Obtain these 11 achievements. The achievements that require repetition, are not counted into the meta-achievement. Jump puzzle achievements and Snowball Mayhem also are not counted into the meta achievement

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  • 26 DEC

    World of Guild Wars 2 is full of thousands different events that appear and disappear during your journey. One day you may find a village full of its residents and traders, but the next day this place may be full of smoke and ruines after the centaurs attack. Dynamic events cause the whole cascade of different events, depending on how the player interacts with them, leaving a clear mark in the gaming world. To save the village, or to let it burn? The choice is up to you and other players.

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  • 14 DEC

    The Guild Wars 2 is an undoubtedly unique game with lots of dynamic events and realities. The players shape the future of their characters by making decisions and generating unpredictable storylines. These decisions depend on players only: save the village or burn it to the ashes, assist your friends or save your power for future challenges.

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