A Very Merry Wintersday achievement guide in Guild Wars 2

Guide for all the necessary achievements to obtain meta-achievement Adept Toymaker.

Meta-achievement - Adept Toymaker

Obtain these 11 achievements. The achievements that require repetition, are not counted into the meta-achievement. Jump puzzle achievements and Snowball Mayhem also are not counted into the meta achievement

  • Honorary Krewe Member
  • Dolyak Defender
  • Nothing but Broken Toys
  • Ringing the Right Notes
  • Toy Quality Control
  • Wrapping Everywhere
  • Wintersday Wrecking Ball
  • Donation Defender
  • Golden Generosity
  • Silver for the Season
  • Finders Keepers

Reward: 40 AP, Adept Toymaker title, Tixx's Toybox

Achievements in Divinity's Reach

Silver for the Season / Golden Generosity

  • Both achievements are associated with Ho-Ho Tron in Divinity's Reach. Ho-Ho-Tron is situated in the corner, away from the rest of NPC Wintersday. It will be there only as long as you are collecting money for the Dolyak Escort event.

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