Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion is officially announced

NCSoft and ArenaNet company, at the PAX South exhibition, officially announced the first expansion of the Guild Wars 2 universe: Heart of Thorns.

There was declared fundamentally new location Maguuma Jungle with a very detailed and dynamic environment, and also new events and storylines. To the players are not opened up new levels of maximum development, but instead of that is introduced the PvE-system called Masteries, with its help at the end of history the players will be able to earn skill points for survival in the jungle - new skills and master abilities for level 80. Also is announced specialization of professions (new skills, talents and abilities to unlock other weapons), halls for guilds, new group Challenge, a new WvW location with other strategies, tactics and game mechanics, the new mode of competitive PvP Stronghold Game, GvG with guild ratings and new class Revenant.

The exact date of extension release is still unknown, but soon we will find out the details of the launch. Developers have already opened 75% discount on the game.

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