New update "Point of No Return" for Guild Wars 2

MMORPG Guild Wars 2 players got "Point of No Return" update. Mesmer can not use the Illusionary Leap skill, if he is in the air. In PvP tournament, loss will not affect the position in the leader board, if the person, who has left the battlefield, is not a member of your group.

If a member of your group deserts, all the people in the group will receive a desertion penalty in leaderboard (deserter also will get a dishonor status). Now you can finally complete armor sets such as Carapace and Luminescent.

Players who oppose against to Mordrem Vinewrath, will get Hero of the Wastes boon (50% bonus to magic find and additional bandit crests for various events on the map). The Toxic Unveiling Volley skill will be displayed on the arrow cart skill bar only when you unlock it.

Full list of changes for "Point of No Return" update for Guild Wars 2 can be found on the official forums.

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