Wintersday Festival guide in Guild Wars 2

Wintersday Festival guide in Guild Wars 2

Winter Wonderland

Entrance to Winter Wonderland is situated in the Crown Pavilion zone in Divinity's Reach. Talk to Festive Youth, to start passing.

Bell Choir

You can also get from the Crown Pavilion to Divinity's Reach.

Snowball Mayhem

Are added 6 utility skills that depend on your actual profession:


Call of ice Elementalist which follows you and fights for you.


Frostmark creates a mark on the ground, which causes a chain reaction of frost novas.


Clone creates a clone with the same weapons that you have.


Snowman Turret: you can build a turret snowman that will cover you. You can blow up the turret to damage the area.


Snowball Trap places the trap, which produces snowballs.


Icewurm Venom Trap places a trap that freezes the enemies.


Rush: jerk to the enemy, knocking him to the ground. During the jerk you will reflect snowballs.


Slingshot of Understanding: call of ghostly slingshot, which is fighting with you. You can command it to give a volley of snowballs to the aim.


The main change is that Toypocalypse can no longer be passed in the group.

Prepare to spend about an hour if you want to pass all 10 rounds.

Talk to Toy Captain in Crown Pavilion, to start passing.

There is nothing difficult - destroy trees and building models, build and improve defenses, fend off enemies.

You can treat yourself, standing near the central fountain.

Dolyak can be treated by feeding them with hay.

One more addition is that you can hire Scritts. They are in the western part of the map. For one Scritt you need to spend 3 scraps.

Use Toysmasher (hammer) to destroy buildings.

The gun is also very useful. It can set on some toys on the other.

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