• 02 FEB

    Blood and Madness achievement quide Part 2

    Upset Stomach

    To get the Upset Stomach achievement, eat 4-5 pieces of Candy Corn, standing next to the Prince (do this only when he becomes red, it mean that he is available for attack). You sick right on Prince, for this you will get the achievement.

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  • 26 JAN

    Blood and Madness achievement quide Part 1

    Meta-achievement A Sweet Friend

    To accomplish this meta-achievement  you need to perform 12 achievements. Achievements from Festival -> Blood and Madness category and daily achievements related to Halloween are counted.

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  • 19 JAN

    New Wintersday mission quide in Guild Wars 2.

    Guide is completed – all three days and information about For the Children collection are ready.

    Where can be found find Seimur Oxbone?

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