Blood and Madness achievement quide Part 1

Blood and Madness achievement quide Part 1

Meta-achievement A Sweet Friend

To accomplish this meta-achievement  you need to perform 12 achievements. Achievements from Festival -> Blood and Madness category and daily achievements related to Halloween are counted.

The following achievements are NOT counted into the meta achievement:

  • Beaten Bloody
  •  You, Back in the Box
  •  Upset Stomach
  •  Lunatic Inquisition Regular

Start achievement: Containment

Go to the Black Citadel near the Haunted Nolani and enter the instance called Reliquary. You may pass this instance alone. 

Instance is very simple. Magister Tassi is located at the end of the instance. One of the doors is locked, but you can get around it by using the stairs on the right side.

When Tassi tells you, throw anything at Bloody Prince Thorn, throw at him  Candy Corn.

At the end of the instance Tassi will give you Tassi's Relay Golem.

If you comple the instance you will get the both  Containment achievement levels.

You, Back in the Box

To start this achievement, you need to get Mini Candy-Corn Elemental (it is also suitable the one that has been received the last year).

It is enough that somebody in the group has a mini.

 Return to the same location in Black Citadel and talk to Venna Castblade, telling that you have mini. This will allow you to enter the next instance «Resealing the Bloody Prince».

To win the Prince you need to monitor very attentively  the pools which Tassi throws. Prince Thorn will be damaged only when you stand in these pools, because they give you the buff.

Approximately on 50% and 25% health, he will disappear and call adds. Deal with them  standing in pools, because in this case they will get increased damage.

Approximately on 15%, it won’t get damage, but you will receive You, Back in the Box achievement  after Tassi finishes the speech.

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