Blood and Madness achievement quide Part 2

Blood and Madness achievement quide Part 2

Upset Stomach

To get the Upset Stomach achievement, eat 4-5 pieces of Candy Corn, standing next to the Prince (do this only when he becomes red, it mean that he is available for attack). You sick right on Prince, for this you will get the achievement.

Beaten Bloody

Defeat Bloody Prince for one minute and you will get this achievement. The easiest way to get this achievement is a group one.

Mad King's Labyrinth achievements

To get to the Mad King's Labyrinth, use the portal in Lion's Arch. Being in the starting area of the labyrinth activate the portal and go to the labyrinth.

The next three achievements can  be performed only in  Mad King's Labyrinth. To find these monsters keep watching the appearance of the doors in the labyrinth, they appear in certain places. These bosses appear out of doors, but they have their own timers, so boss won’t appear from each group. All bosses are group.

  • Candy Corn Crusher - Defeat Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn
  •  Death to the Undying - Defeat Skeletal Lich
  •  Bonebreaker - Defeat Labyrinthine Horror
  •  Shut the doors - pass 50 events with doors in the labyrinth.

Achievements not in Mad King's Labyrinth 

  •  Something Good to Eat - open 50 Trick of Treat bags – buy them at the auction.
  •  A Stomping Good Time - Use Scarecrow / Mad King finishers on sPvP / WvW.
  •  A Royal Tradition - Go to Grand Piazaa in Lion's Arch, where each hour takes place the game Mad King says.
  •  Pumpkin Carving - This achievement can be done in different areas of Tyria, but if you have several characters,  you can do it only in Lion's Arch, because pumpkins appear again, if you enter with another character (you can log in and out the location using one character - perhaps pumpkins will appear again).

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