Warming Grawnk's Heart Guide

New Wintersday mission quide in Guild Wars 2.

Guide is completed – all three days and information about For the Children collection are ready.

Where can be found find Seimur Oxbone?

Seimur walks in different locations, it depends on the day. Ask Grawnk / Orphan and they will tell you in which of the cities he is situated.

Here are the places you can find it:

Black Citadel

The Grove - on the ground floor

Divinity's Reach

Rata Sum - in the upper zone

Lion's Arch

Diessa Plateau

The first Day

You will receive a letter from Orphan Laine. The letter says that you need to look in your home instance. Once you are there, talk to Grawnk, he will say that you need to find Seimur Oxbone. He gives a clue about the popular char dish. 

Go to the Black Citadel, and you will find there Seimur Oxbone - near Mustering Ground Waypoint. Ask him for help with the growl problem and he will let you buy Bowl of Bloodstone Broth 1 Tiny Snowflake, which you can get as a gift, or buy at auction. 

Return to the home instance and give the dish to Grawnk. He will tell you to come back the next day.

Return to him after the dailies are set to zero (the next day)

The second day

The next day, go to Ascallion Waypoint in Harathi Hinterlands. You need to find a dealer with a heart that sells Masterwork (green) version of Shiny Frying Pan. 

Buy and return to Seimur Oxbone in Black Citadel. Tell him about the growl and he will sell you Cup of Bloodstone Soup for Shiny Frying Pan. 

Return to the home instance and talk to Grawnk. Give him the soup. He will tell you to come back the next day.

Return to him after the dailies are set to zero (the next day)

The third day

Now Seimur Oxbon wants to get Superior Sigil of Mischief for the next dish - Chalice of Bloodstone Chili. It can be found in Giant Wintersday Gift, or purchased at the auction. 

Return to Grawnk and give him this dish. Get achievement and you will get Holiday Display Case.

When you activate Holiday Display Case, you will open a new collection - For the Children.

For the Children collection

Items that you need to find are in the chests of jumping quests and in the hidden chests all around the world. Jump puzzles that are listed below are just examples, other jump puzzles and chests, also can bring you the desired objects.

In each jump puzzle, you will get Mysterious Grubby Package, from which, with a high chance (but not 100%), may fall subject for your collection.

Doll - Golden Chest

  • Subject you need to obtain - Small Doll Ornament
  • It falls from the chest at the end of Demongrub Pits in Queensdale
  • It can also fall from jumping Swashbucker's Cove quest in Gendarran Fields, or Troll's Endv Lion's Arch.

Tinsel - Asuran Chest

  • Subject - Sparking Tinsel Ornament
  • It falls from the jump puzzle chest Spekk's Laboratory in Caldeon
  • It can also fall in the Chaos Crystal Cavern puzzle in Iron Marches

Purple Ball - Sylvari Chest

  • Subject - Purple Ball Ornament
  • It falls from the Morgan's Spiral puzzle chest in Caledon

Rocking Horse - Knotted Chest

  • Subject - Rocking Horse Ornament
  • It falls in the Shaman's Rookery vWayfarer Foothills puzzle
  • It also falls in Shattered Ice Ruins in Frostgorge Sound

Gold Ball - Orrian Chest

  • Subject - Golden Ball Ornament
  • It falls out of the chest in the Buried Archives in Cursed Shores puzzle

Green Ball - Iron Chest

  • Subject - Green Ball Ornament
  • It falls from the Pig Iron Mine puzzle in Fireheart Rise
  • It also falls out of the chest in the Loreclaw Expanse puzzle in the Plains of Ashford

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